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Organic Balloon Decor

Organic balloon decor is a new trend that has been taking Pinterest by storm. What exactly do we mean by organic balloon decor? Well with all the other types of classical balloon decor, it gets it beauty from every balloon being perfectly sized and placed in a perfect pattern. So much so that we spend a lot of money on equipment to make them perfectly sized. With organic decor, all those rules are thrown out the window.

Organic balloon decor has no pattern. Each balloon is a different size which makes each decor item unique. Instead of perfect symmetry in the arch or column, organic balloon decor is known for curves and imperfections. We can take almost any product and make it organic. Columns, arches, walls just to name a few. Organic decor is hot and one of the most popular things we do.


Organic Balloon Styles

Organic Balloon Garland

Organic Balloon Arch

Organic Balloon Demi-Arch

Organic Balloon Wall

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